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Pipe Threading / Pipe Manufacturing and Premium Machine Shop Equipment

With over 50 years experience in the pipe threading/machine shop industries, our equipment is designed, or reconditioned,
as to our customer's specifications. Whether you are in a repair shop or high production pipe mill, we will supply you with
the quality equipment to meet your needs! Additionally, we can design your entire pipe threading facility and assist you with
the installation.

We Buy, Sell, and Recondition the following Equipment and most Equipment associated

with Premium Machine Shops or the Pipe Threading Industry!

CNC Lathes Oilcountry Lathes
Heat Treat Equipment Stress Relieving Units
Bucking Machines Pipe Conveying Systems
Upsetters Air Chucks
Pipe Straighteners Band Saws
Phosphate Equipment Sand Blast Equipment

We Manufacture the following Equipment:

Swagers: Used for pipe swaging and pipe expansion for premium threaded connections. Additionally, used for pipe end sizing to prevent black crested threads.
Pipe Conveying Systems: Built as per customer's specifications! Our tables can be manufactured to operate fully automatic and may be designed to work entirelly off pneumatic or hydraulic operations.
Phosphate Lines  
Hydrostatic Testers  
We Can Design and Install Your Entire Pipe Threading Facility!